better branding
with social media

the take off advantage

We build your feed

Take Off boosts your brand on social media. We take your products and services, your ideas and stories and use professional copywriting and graphic design to spin them into eye-catching multilingual posts.

We make you look great

We use social media to show the world what you are capable of in the most interesting and fascinating way. We make you look professional and international on all your social media feeds so you stand out in the digital crowd.

No time? No worries!

We take care of the entire process, from setup to weekly posts. Our professional branding and marketing team follows your lead to ensure we always tell the stories that matter the most to you and your audience on any platform.

so easy it fits on a brochure

We made the complex process of branding on social media easy for you. Don't believe us?
Go through our one-minute-read and you'll be ready to start.

how we can help

Too busy to feed?

You are probably too busy to keep up a well-balanced, interesting and properly designed media feed for your business on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You are not alone. But having a boring feed (or none at all) sends a negative message to the world and raises all kinds of wrong questions: “This the best you can do? You have nothing to say?”

Let us do it for you

We tell the story of your business for you on social media and give your brand a powerful voice. By creating a consistent and professional cross-platform presence, we make you look active and engaged, professional and alluring. We build captivating stories that engage your audience and make them come back for more.

We make your stories sparkle

We are storytellers by nature and profession, with decades of experience in marketing, branding and communication. Leave the feed to our professional team of marketers, copywriters, photographers and graphic designers, because we know how to make you look stylish and fascinating. Just sit back and watch your brand story unfold.

five easy steps

we listen

We always listen before we act. Tell us what you do and what sets you apart from the rest. Show us your work or projects. What kind of impression do you want to make? What practical information do you want to share? Remember: we are here to tell the story of your business!

we collect

Our branding and marketing team makes a detailed assessment of your topics and helps you collect the right images, videos and stories for them. We also help you sharpen the focus on your customers and suggest new, potential target audiences.

we plan

As we spin out your stories and information into long- and short-term timelines, we also look at which media channels would be best for you: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others for social media, LinkedIn or other dedicated platforms for professional business media.

we create

We create a continuous stream of beautiful, poignant and relevant stories in powerful words and eye-catching images to promote your brand image. Your professional opinions, your past and present work, your products and services, your activities all get their moment to shine.

we post

We deal with the hassle of creating and posting new, relevant and interesting content so you don’t have to. In monthly meetings, we discuss the results, response, audience feedback and new developments that could prompt a change in posting frequency, topics or style.

No time to read? Watch our video

We are the storytellers
who tell the story of your business.

Take Off is part of Look Right, a successful branding agency with clients in many different sectors, all over the world. Take Off shares the same values, outlook, and the same pool of talented, inspired people as Look Right – it just focuses on storytelling through social media. Need more? Hop over to Look Right to find out what other marketing and branding solutions we have to offer.